The painter is always in a constant state of searching and learning. Groupings of paintings and exhibitions are visual representations of this. This process of searching is intense and must allow the artist to become involved with the immeasurable. In this process the artist must let go of the idea of making ‘pieces of art’. Ultimate it is not the product, which is meaningful, but rather the process. It has been said, ‘the more deeply a thing is engaged in the immeasurable, the more deeply lasting is its value and that only when the artist no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things’.

Sasha Rogers

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Light is Light
Kostuik Gallery, 2020

Lines of Longing
Kostuik Gallery, 2018

Kostuik Gallery, 2016

Kostuik Gallery, 2014

Kostuik Gallery, 2012

Liminal Spaces
Kostuik Gallery, 2011

Kostuik Gallery, 2009

Kostuik Gallery, 2008

Absent Presence
Kostuik Gallery, 2007

New paintings
Kostuik Gallery, 2004

Kostuik Gallery, 2003

Lonsdale Gallery, 2003

Kostuik Gallery, 2001

the placeless place
Londsdale Gallery, 2001

Art Fairs

TIAF Toronto International Art Fair
Toronto, ON
Jennifer Kostuik Gallery
2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

artMRKT San Francisco
San Francisco CA
Kostuik Gallery

LAAS Los Angeles Art Show
Los Angeles, CA
Jennifer Kostuik Gallery

AAF Contemporary Art Fair
New York, NY
Jennifer Kostuik Gallery
2004, 2005

International Art Fair
Toronto, ON
Lonsdale Gallery
1999, 2001