A selection of past work

As a child growing up on the prairies, I always felt like a speck in a vast magnificent playground. All of my paintings have their roots in this primal experience. I am constantly reflecting on the delicate and strong balance of the earth’s equilibrium. The horizon line has become a pivotal compositional point in my paintings, which are rooted in my childhood experiences of space. As human beings we are always standing at the threshold of something greater than ourselves, constantly shifting from one outer or inner state to another. In these paintings there is a delicate dance along the horizon lines suggesting this threshold of transformation and the shifts of our physical and spiritual realities, co-mingling matter and spirit. Horizon lines are illusions in themselves: we can see them and they look like we can approach them, but in reality as we try to approach them they always remain out of each. The line we think we see doesn’t actually exist in nature, the horizon line is a symbol invented to describe the in-between place of sky and land or sea and sky; it is an invented mark for an ambiguous state, or liminal space.